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Blockchain Validation Services

5 Elements Nodes is a PoS blockchain validation service.

We are an engaged collective of professionals, experienced validators and community managers, privacy oriented and focused on supporting Web3 with the most promising projects, both on-chain and off-chain.

Why Choose Us

We provide specialist staking services for enterprise and retail clients. 5 Elements Nodes is a venture funded in Italy.

Highly Skilled Team

We are a professional team of developers, systems engineers and social media strategists.

We Are Community Oriented

We are here to offer you a complete and professional service in local community management

Top Cloud Server Hardware

Our quality VPS and BARE METAL are largely reside in Europe, North America and APAC.

24 / 7 Support & Security

We provide high levels of security and support via email and chat online.

Our Nodes

The list of networks we are currently running a validator service on. Help us secure them while earning staking rewards.

Mainnet active

Testnet completed

Mainnet Active

Testnet Completed

Mainnet Active

Testnet Active

Mainnet Active


Mainnet active

Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions answered by existing clients.

What is the Staking?
Staking is the action of entrusting your tokens to the validators of a network while always retaining ownership over them. Many protocols and modern blockchains use the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus model, allowing the user to be an active participant in the security of the network.
What's the role of a Validator?

Validators are entitled to create blocks over a given period of time (block time) and to validate the transactions stored in them. Their functionality differs according to the type of consensus for the chain. Networks based on the PoS consensus allow users stake their tokens to earn reward, helping the decentralization of the network.

How the APY is calculated?

The Annual Percentage Yield differs for each project, and it’s the consequence of two major factors: the inflation rate and the staked supply. Given a standard issuance rate of the tokens, if more people participate in the staking activity rewards will be more distributed, thus decreasing the APY and vice versa. Always check the theoretical APY for the protocol or blockchain you’re researching.

Where are your Data Center located?

We take pride in supporting several different chains, and for this very reason it’s important to have a widely distributed network of hosting machines. Our data centers are mostly diffused in Europe, North America, South America and APAC.

Are you an institutional staker?

Contact us for a customized offer tailored to your needs.

Variously, if you are a retailer, you can easily contact us with our online chat available.

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