Aptos is a novel Proof-of-Stake L1 blockchain powered by the new "Move" programming language. Led by former team member of Libra, the blockchain meant to be used by Facebook for payments, Aptos is meant to be easily scalable, safe and developer friendly. With its 160k TPS, its Block-STM validation system and the sub-second finality Aptos is set to be one of the most promising blockchains of the future.

Aptos implemented Block-STM in safe Rust in the Aptos open source codebase, relying on Rayon, Dashmap, and ArcSwap crates for concurrency.

Node details

Mainnet coming soon

We are proud to be community manager of Aptos Italy.

Staking Instructions

Full Node is only for the purpose of storing the entire history of the blockchain. Validator Node valid for selection is up and running.

Social and Community

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For any other inquiry you may feel free to contact us via web chat support and always to get to know join our social community. Stay up to date for new projects and staking opportunities.